Q: After I join, do I have to pay money to the companies who hire me?

A: Absolutely not! We maintain a huge list of legitimate firms who
need people to take surveys and participate in marketing research
projects. In all cases, you will be allowed to sign up for free,
and you will be paid for your effort. If you are ever asked for
money, please let us know and the resource will be removed

Q: How hard is it to apply for the assignments?

A: You get direct links to over 450 different marketing research
and survey companies who pay you with prizes, merchandise, and
cold, hard cash! Apply immediately to as many as you like.

Q: Is this an easy way to make money?

A: Yes! Successful survey takers can easily make several hundred
dollars a month, and usually work only a few hours a week.

Q: Will you ship me anything in the mail?

A: The guide is delivered online over a secure Web page.
We do it this way is because the these resources change all the
time and it's the only way we can keep everything up-to-date.




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